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1 Prologue - 5 Stages
Liaisons 1927km (1 197miles)
Special Stages 1293km (803 Miles)

Paper or Electronic Roadbook

GP and Open Class

Bucket-List for

Adventure Bikes & 4x4's.

Congratulations to All who participated and completed Crono 2023 - watch this space for info about CR24 coming in October 2023 

Final results 2023.png

Stage 1 - Distance 730km (453 miles).  Liaison to SS 90km (55 miles). 
Special Stages 277km (172 miles) - 3 checkpoints for fuel. - 
Warm up route before Marathon Stage 1 easing you into this years event 

Stage 2 - Distance 582km (362 miles). Liaison to SS 268km (166 miles). 
Special Stages 312km (194 miles) - 3 checkpoints for fuel. -  
First Marathon Stage overnight in tented camp with limited gear - NO CREWS
Man and Machine endurance challenge. Orga support available.  

Stage 3 - Distance 757km (470 miles). Liaison to SS 63km (39 miles). 
Special Stages 158km (98 miles) - 3 checkpoints for fuel. -  
Second leg of Marathon Stage ending at the final bivouac where crews will await you to service your machine and you can prepare for the second last stage.

Stage 4 - Distance 618km (384 miles). Liaison to SS 240km (149 miles). 
Special Stages 208km (129 miles) - 2 checkpoints for fuel. -  
The West Coast route, we heading to the beach, going through 3 more farms and a relaxed last part in a nature reserve then a tricky section to top off the day.

Stage 5 - Distance 532km (330 miles). Liaison to SS 28km (17 miles). 
Special Stages 336km (208 miles) - 2 checkpoints for fuel. -  
Heading North to the Orangeriver riding on top of mountains making the last day the toughest with time being your enemy. The riding east into many river banks and off piste sections

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