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Route Description

Each day will begin with a SHORT liaison to the start of the Special Stage. Competitors are required to show up at the Start of the Special Stage at an indicated time. Your start time will be on your daily time card. 


All Special Stages are timed.


Each Special Stage will have 2 CrossRoads Stops. Each of these will have a cut off time. If you reach CrossRoads 1 after cut off time you will be routed back to the Bivouac via a shortcut, public road. All normal traffic rules and regulations apply. You will be allowed to continue the next day. A time penalty will apply to continue. 


Crossroads 1  will have a mandatory Stop for Fuel and Food. 15 min stop.  


Crossroads 2 will be a designated service point (DSP) where your crew may assist you to service/ repair your vehicle for the last part of the day's route.

25 minutes maximum service allowed. 

There will be some parts of Special Stages that adhere to normal traffic rules due to public roads. Traffic rules and regulations do apply.  


Some parts of the Special Stage, there will be no speed limit. These will be clearly marked throughout the roadbook. 


Each competitor's goal is to finish the Special Stage in the shortest time  possible without penalties for missed waypoints, over speed or short cuts. Staying on track is key. Deviating from the SS route will result in damage to the environment and this will be heavily penalized. 


Competitors helping others in case of an accident in a medical situation, will receive their time spent back. Mechanical assistance time can not be claimed back so mechanical assistance is at your own risk. 

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