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Starting just outside Upington, at Oranjerus Resort on Thursday 3 August with scrutineering and a short prologue. The prologue is not compulsory but scrutineering is. This will be the Bivouac for the first 2 days of the event for the Rally competitors and crews. Bucket-list Adventure participants will be camping in this bivouac on 3 August only.  

Stage 1 Friday 4 August, will move south towards Groblershoop traveling through 3 private farms, a canal twist and back to the same bivouac. Total distance 730 km. Liaison to special selection 90 km, Special Selection 277 km. 3 checkpoint with cut off times to warm you up for this year's event. The Bucket-List will see the start in the morning and then travel to a selected point on stage 2. This will be for scouting and confirming day 2’s route is correct for the evening report. Bucket-List participants will camp in the “wild” for the night. 411 km trip. 

Stage 2 Saturday 5 August, the first leg on the Marathon stage will move the competitors north and then west close to the Namibian Border. Total stage distance 582 km. Liaison 268 km with a 312 km Special Selection. NO ASSISTANCE CREWS ALLOWED.  Assistance crews will pack up at Oranjerus and move to Kokerboom Motel in Springbok. All competitors will camp for the night in setup tents with 2 beds in a tent. You can only bring the essentials. The Organization will provide mechanical and tyre assistance for the marathon stage in the bivvy. The Bucket-list participants will join the riders in this bivvy till late afternoon then move to a wild camping site in the red dunes for day 3’s spectator view point. 214 km trip.

Stage 3 Sunday 6 August. The second leg of the Marathon stage will be a long one with 2 very tricky navigation sections. Total stage distance 757 km. Liaison to special selection 63 km with 2 special sections totaling 157 km. Be ready for a long connection piece to get to the new bivouac where the service crew will await the competitors. For the Bucket-List, after all competitors have passed the spectator point a long trek to Springbok is on the cards. Bucket-List participants will camp in the same bivouac as the competitors for the rest of the event. 510 km trip.

Stage 4 Monday 7 August. The West Coast route, we heading to the beach, going through 3 more farms and a relaxed last part in a nature reserve then a tricky section to top off the day. Total stage distance 618 km. Liaison 240 km with 208km special selections. Bucket-List participants will ride to Kommegas turn and follow the special selection manning 4 gates in groups for the Rally riders to pass then returning via Wildeperdehoekpas back to Kokerboom Motel. 180 km trip.

Stage 5 The final stage on Tuesday 8 August competitors will have to navigate spot on as navigation will be critical and there will be many hidden waypoints with strict cut off points. First Heading North to the Orangeriver riding on top of mountains making the last day the toughest with time being your enemy. The riding east into many river banks and off piste sections.  Total stage distance 532 km. Liaison to special selection 28 km with a 336 km special. If you complete this stage you will be one of few that would achieve the full race distance! The bucket-list participants will head to 2 unique spectator points to see the guys cross before heading back to Kokerboom Motel for the evening prize giving and Braai! 200 km round trip.

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